Unity — ControlFreak2 Swipe Controls

Key bindings

Using it in script

using ControlFreak2;
if ( CF2Input.GetKeyDown ( KeyCode.UpArrow ) 
|| CF2Input.GetKeyDown ( KeyCode.W ) ) {
// Move up
if ( CF2Input.GetKeyDown ( KeyCode.DownArrow )
|| CF2Input.GetKeyDown ( KeyCode.S ) ) {
// Move down
if ( CF2Input.GetKeyDown ( KeyCode.LeftArrow )
|| CF2Input.GetKeyDown ( KeyCode.A ) ) {
// Move left
if ( CF2Input.GetKeyDown ( KeyCode.RightArrow )
|| CF2Input.GetKeyDown ( KeyCode.D ) ) {
// Move right




Software developer. zhifez.com

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Software developer. zhifez.com

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